I’m Shanoah and he’s Ruben. This is us. All of us. In all our glory andddd all of our struggle. We like to keep it real, but keep it positive. I have been on and off with sharing our lives via blogging and on Youtube, but with a little Bubba on the way and all the exciting changes coming up in our lives, I decided this was a time I didn’t want to forget. I want to remember every part of this journey that we’re on. I want to share who we are and our heritage. I want to share our values and what gets us through the tough days. And I want to share the celebrations of life!

We met our freshman year dancing in a multi-cultural group at Brigham Young University and we had no idea we’d fall in love. Fast forward seven years and here we are; coming up on our three year anniversary, prepping for a little Bubba Boy, and applying for law school’s. What brought us together - Native American dancing - is a huge part of our lives and something we hope to pass down to this growing baby and all our future littles.

We have travelled the world together, sharing our culture along the way. We are polar opposites in so many things (I love puppies, Ruben avoids dogs in all shapes and sizes at ALL costs; I live for the beach and the ocean, Ruben hates the sand; Ruben is a total homebody and I have wanderlust like crazy). But something we can always agree on is Chance the Rapper is #1 and Joey and Rachel should have ended up together (sorry friends, very unpopular opinion on that one…).

Our life has so many question marks and so many unknowns right now — how do we parent? where should we go to law school? what’s next? We’re excited about what the future holds for us! Follow along, and buckle up, because we’re all aboard the struggle bus here!