Disneyland during Halloween

Okay, so if you haven’t gathered by now, Disneyland is my all time favorite place! It’s seriously so magical every time of year. But the holiday’s are when that normal magic is at least doubled! I kid you not.

We (my mom, Aubrey, and I) decided we were gonna go to Mickey’s Not-so-scary Halloween Party again this year! And I’m so happy that we did. We honestly had the best time! It was a different trip for us though. This whole being pregnant thing definitely changed things for us. I wasn’t able to ride at least half our normal rides, I was nauseous, and I was just so dang tired all of the time! We normally go so hard for Disney (get there before the parks open, stay all day, try our hardest to stay till close, rinse and repeat)! But me being pregnant meant that things were a lot slower. And it was kind of an adjustment. We still had fun anyways!

Our first day there, we had fun but that was the first day of adjusting to the new chapter of Disney life. We started with Toy Story (always) and then didn’t do too much after. We had to have lunch at the new Lamplight Lounge (formerly known as Cove Bar). We got our normal Lobster Nachos and totally freaked out my mom! On their new menu there, they have their crazy cocktails (of course), but they also added Mocktails to the menu! My mom was on the phone walking around while Aubrey and I ordered, so we decided we’d freak her out and order a mocktail and then tell her it was a cocktail and Aubrey had decided she wanted to start drinking now that she was 21! It was hilarious seeing my mom’s face and her trying to decide if it was really real. And then my pregnant booty went over and took a drink and we told her that it was a mocktail and we were joking and she should have some. It was well worth the joke! lol. Then we did some more rides, had some treats (ice cream and Macaroons) and then I got the craziest sugar headache! But that was fine because then they had a bunch of fast passes for rides that I couldn’t ride anyways. We had dinner at our favorite Cafe Orleans were so sad because they don’t have their normal Gumbo anymore… Booooo! I know they gotta change and adapt, but we had our normal’s there and now that they’re different, I don’t know how much I’ll want to go and eat there… We called it kinda early that night because there weren’t fireworks and I was just plain exhausted from the day!

The next day was a different one! We went in the morning and rode some rides and took some pictures! Aubrey Disneybounded as Jane from Tarzan, so of course we had to get pictures of her on that “ride”. Funniest story (and also kind of sad, but mostly funny). As you’re walking around the Tarzan jungle gym thing, there’s this part where it shows the Jaguar that killed Tarzan’s parents. It’s cool to look at, but it also has sound effects. So we were walking up to it and I could kind of hear it “purring” and there was this little girl in front of us who was looking at it. And as we walked up, the jaguar growls superrrr loud and I mean it kind of startled me, but it totally freaking out that little girl in front of us! She JUMPED and then turned around and started running across the bridge to get away from it! However, this bridge is kind of slippery because of the material it’s made out of, and so she trips and BIFFS IT! I just looked at Aubrey and both started laughing, but I also felt so awful because that little girl had skid her knees and was starting to cry, so I tried so hard to stifle my laugh and check to see if she was okay and needed any help! Luckily, she was fine and had just skinned her knees a bit and got up and went on her way, but it was literally the most hilarious and also sad thing to happen (more hilarious tho… I’m still laughing about it)! We honestly didn’t stay long at all and we were headed back to the hotel at about 12:40 PM. We decided to take a break to go to the hotel and nap and also get ready for the Halloween Party that night. That nap was soooo nice! We got ready and then we headed out for an evening of trick-or-treating and enjoying the park with far less people in it than normal!

As we were on our way to the park, we hopped in our Lyft and we were allll decked out (because this is the only time you can dress up as an adult and go to Disneyland). We were at a stop light and talking with our Lyft driver and then he noticed that the man driving the van next to us was checking my mom out. And he was not subtle at alll!!! Oh my gosh, he waved and would not stop staring at her! We could not stop laughing at him because he was just so weird and off and he would not stop staring. My mom’s still got it!!

We finallyyyy got into Disneyland (after the craziest security lines and the lady in front of us popping off at the workers for five minutes) and it was time to get the party started! We honestly hardly rode anything all night. We had a few fast passes that we needed to ride before they expired, but that was it! We mostly just went around and hit all the trick-or-treating that we could! And we got loaded on candy! It was so much fun walking around and seeing everyone’s costumes. Some were simple and other’s were so incredible and custom and amazing! I think that’s my favorite part of the whole thing it was just seeing everyone go so hard and dress up (from kids to adults to seniors!). It was amazing! We watched the parade, walked around and met the Mad Hatter (Favorite line of his: “Your tea is my favorite kind of tea… Royal-tea”), and watched the fireworks! I wish I had taken more pictures of the decorations and my favorite costumes because the entire atmosphere was amazing! The best was the Rivers of America had fog all along them and were so eerily lit. Seriously, if you ever have a chance to go to Mickey’s Halloween Party, GO! It’s so worth it!

My mom was a saint the next day and let us sleep in until 8:30 (which never happens)! We were planning on sleeping in until 7:30 and getting to the park at 9, but we slept in until 8:30 and we honestly didn’t get to the park until closer to 10:30. We really wanted a picture in front of the cute lil’ (actually, not so little) Mickey Pumpkin. We waited in line for about 30 minutes, but it was so worth it! They have so many villians walking around Disneyland during Halloween time and Cruella was our favorite! We were watching her walk around and talk to people and she would sometimes hop into people’s pictures and we were praying she would pop into ours and SHE DID! Miracles happen my friends!!! I honestly can’t even remember anything else from this day. We just hung out and ate and rode rides! Actually, I hardly rode anything that day. It was so ridiculously busy and borderline miserable, so we didn’t even get a lot of fast passes that day. And I only rode 4 rides the ENTIRE DAY! All time low… Literally. I called it in early (like 8:30 PM kind of early) that night because I was seriously dead still from the night before. My mom and Aubrey stayed until like 11:40, but I could not hang! I was just dead exhausted and we were going to wake up early the next morning so I decided to go to bed at 9:30 and it was quite glorious!

Our last day in Disneyland was only about half a day and I’m already sad it’s over! We got up bright and early, packed and did our best to make it for opening! We made it in just a little after, but we got right to work on Fast Passes and standing in line while lines were still short! We were only staying until 4, so we had to make the most out of our day! However, we all needed a nap, so we literally went to Frozen to take naps in the cool AC. But that was honestly the worst Frozen I’ve ever been to. The acting was awful, the got a new Anna, Elsa and Olaf and they were all subpar. It was disappointing… But it was nice to sit in a cold auditorium and escape that heat for an hour! We rode all our favorites at least once that day and then we did some shopping at World of Disney (if you haven’t been since they remodled, GO! It’s amazing) and then we called it a day and headed to the hotel to pick up our luggage and head to the airport.

These trips are always so short and this one was so different, but I still loved it! Now that Ruben and I are starting to have children, we’re entering this new era of Disney where we’ll spend more time in Fantasyland than on the big rides and ride swapping and being tired all the time and not being able to Disney as hard as we normally do. It’s gonna be weird and hard, but I cannot wait because I’ve been waiting my whole life for this!


I’ve been baby hungry basically since our first summer of being married (aka right away). Babies always freaked me out, but Ruben’s sister, Brooktynn, had a baby that first summer we were married and living out in Omaha. And I fell head over heels for that little baby. That baby love grew when I started babysitting for some friends about a year later… People needed to stop handing me their cute babies!

We knew we didn’t want to wait three or five years or have any set time that we really wanted to wait to start trying to grow our little family. We knew we wanted some time with just the two of us, but we also knew we didn’t want to wait too long because I want kind of a big family (6 kids) and we both want to be young parents. We decided in 2017 that at the New Year we would start trying to have kids. A few months before we started trying, I started regularly tracking my period because I wanted to make sure we were doing what we had to during my ovulation days (lol, sorry if this is TMI, but also not sorry). We were trying as much as we could. There were a few months we took off for various reasons (I had a wedding booked 9 months from that day, too many April babies, etc.). I know you can’t really plan when the baby is going to arrive, but we were sure going to try our hardest.

There were a few times where I had thought, “This is it! I’m pregnant! I am one week late!” …. only to start the very next day… Honestly, it was a rough little while. It seemed like everyone I knew was getting pregnant. Friends who weren’t married, friends who were, friends who weren’t trying… I was honestly so happy and equally (and maybe a little more) devastated every single time someone I knew posted they were having a baby. Not that their “yes” meant my “no", I was just honestly really struggling.

I think that the biggest thing I was struggling with was my faith. I had prayed so much that Ruben and I would become parents. I would pray that this would be the month! I would pray that by some miracle, we would be the next ones to announce that we were pregnant. But I felt so alone. I kept having dreams about babies and I was sure that meant that I was pregnant. Only to have the sure sign that I was not. I felt really alone at the time. I felt like God wasn’t hearing my prayers and that surely after 7 months of trying, it had to have happened by now. I was scared that maybe there was something wrong with me. But to be completely honest, we were too poor for me to have health insurance, so I couldn’t even afford to go get checked that everything was working and that getting pregnant was even a possibility for me. I remember the day that I broke down completely in front of Ruben. It was the first time that I had really truly told him how alone and estranged from God I was feeling about this. He, of course, reminded me that God’s silence is not Him saying no and that just because it hadn’t happened yet, didn’t mean it was never going to happen. He reminded me that we had been promised children on this earth. And he reminded me that I had just been hired at a job that would give me health insurance, so that soon enough, we would be able to afford to get me checked out and make sure everything was okay. (He is so good to me. Literally the perfect husband).


It was about a month and a half after Ruben and I had talked and I had my mental breakdown. I had been feeling like I was pregnant for about two weeks, but had not even started my period. I was sure that it was all in my head. That there was absolutely no way that I was actually pregnant. Yes, I was having the same symptoms my mother had before she found out she was pregnant, but I truly thought it was in my head. Well…. That’s not true. I thought it was real. I just was so scared to get my hopes up, only to start my period the next day. Or only to see that blasted Negative sign on the pregnancy test again.

I had told Ruben about a week before I was supposed to start that I was 99% sure I was pregnant. Which would mean the baby would be due in June (literally right after he gets home from tour in Brazil with Living Legends). We decided to wait not just until I was a week pregnant to take the test, but to wait a week and a half (minimum). I had been a week late before only to start on day 8 of “missed period”. So we were going to wait until it was pretty darn evident that I was not going to start. I was so anxious to take that test! Deep down, I knew it was going to be positive, but like I said, I reallyyyyy did not want to get my hopes up. I really did not want to feel that gut wrenching “What’s wrong with me?” feeling again.

It was the best night ever. We had just gotten back from dinner at Ruben’s sister Meredith’s house and I was so anxious to take that test! I was on day 12 of being late and was dying to pee on that stupid stick already! We got home, and I ran to the bathroom, ripped open that pregnancy test, quickly read the instructions and then went to take the test! It says it could take up to three minutes to show the answer and I swear I tried to wait that long to look, but after I peed and put it on the counter, I looked down and within 15 seconds, there it was. That big, fat, beautiful PLUS SIGN!

I screamed “BABE!!!!” and met Ruben in the hallway and I handed him the test and said “we’re having a baby!” I was shaking and crying and so overwhelmed with happiness! It was finally happening. We were really going to have a baby! We hugged and kissed and I cried and we freaked out that holy crap we were going to be parents and holy crap this is actually happening! And then, I remembered I was going to be going to Disneyland in two weeks and cried because I wouldn’t be able to ride the Incredicoaster (it opened after my last trip to Disneyland and I was so excited to ride it finally) because I was pregnant! It was a short wah wah moment, but then it was back to celebrating and freaking out!

The baby is be expected (our rough estimation) to arrive on June 4. Ruben gets back from Brazil and tour May 20 (just barely 2 weeks before), so we’re already praying that baby stays inside until he gets back! But honestly, I still cry thinking about my baby. I cry thinking about how much he is loved already. How much we have waited and cried for and prayed for him. How much he is going to be loved here on this earth and how loved he is before he has even gotten here. We are so happy! And it’s taken everything in us to not tell everyone we know!

Hoop Competition 2018

This year was a special year. I competed for the second year in a row in the Intermountain All-Womens Hoop Dance Competition. But the reason this year was so special is because I had my mother by my side competing as well! She has been practicing for months (literally)! And it has been so fun (and hilarious at times) watching her learn how to hoop dance. She was seriously the star of the show and so many people came out to support my momma bear! I literally cried tears of happiness for her as she competed! She did so well and she just shined from within as she danced! Honestly tho, my favorite part was watching her dance. She was so nervous and I knew that, but she got up there anyways. And just to see how many people rallied behind her and showed up to support her and sent her words of encouragement… She really is a rock star and such an example of the woman I hope to become one day. This is a year I will always remember! So thankful my momma was able to compete this year with me!

My Angel Puppy

Honestly this is hard to write. I knew this day would come, but I was also kind hoping that my pug would live forever…. I know. Wishful thinking. Honestly, Mojo’s passing was harder than any I’ve ever had to process before. But it’s because he was like a brother. He was family. He was there for me through my hardest days and we had so much fun together. I remember the day we got him, I remember teaching him how to sit, I remember the first time he threw up (it was on Aubrey by the way), and I remember teaching him how to jump from couch to couch. I remember my friend Deanna “married” us… Seriously, he has been the best dog and the best companion. I know he’s in a much better place now, where he’s no longer in pain and no longer blind. But man, I miss that dog so much. I am dreading the next time I go home and not having him there. Even though his barking was so annoying, I’m gonna miss it. I love you Mojo. You were seriously the best dog ever. I can’t wait to see you in heaven again one day.