My Brother Graduated!

This year was big for our family. Ruben and I weren’t the only one’s who graduated, my brother did too! It was so fun to have my family in town for two weekends in a row to celebrate us graduating!

My household was so busy. Like I said, we had my family in two one weekend, the day they left Marisah came to visit, and the day that she left my family came back into town for Coco’s graduation! It was craziness, but it was also such a fun time.

Michael and my parents came into town on the same day and we all met up at my house to have some cookie cake (courtesy of Aubrey) and hang out before his commencement that night. It was so fun to be on the other side of graduation and celebrating Michael this time. He was seriously the most grateful person to graduate.


The next day, Coco (aka Michael aka my brother) actually graduated and got to walk! It was really cool to watch him greet and talk to his professors and mentors that helped him get to the point of graduating. He worked really hard at UVU and truly made a name for himself there. He was actually highly influential on campus and had a club called Cultural Cans. Michael is a graffiti artist and has a huge passion for educating people on the art aspect of graffiti. Ever since he came to Utah years ago, he has tried to show the people in Utah Valley that graffiti is so much more than gang affiliation, tagging, and vandalism. It truly is an art! And when he went to UVU, he started Cultural Cans to teach people not only how to spray paint, but how to do it legally and how to work with the city and others to be able to truly use it as a way to enhance the culture and the beauty of the city around you. He did so much work and many pieces on UVU campus and it was cool to revisit some spots and see other pieces of his for the first time.


On Saturday (my family’s last day in town), we had a super chill day. We took the morning off to do things we each had to do (sleep, grocery shopping, real life stuff) and then we hung out that night. My brother suggested we go to Top Golf for dinner and it was hilarious because my mom had no idea what Top Golf was (she thought it was a dinky/ghetto little miniature golf place) and so she protested the idea so hard! We finally convinced her that Top Golf is boujee and so nice and also a ton of fun and we should definitely head there for dinner and some fun! Once we arrived and my parents saw how big it was and how nice it was, they finally understood, lol. We had dinner there and played a game and it was so fun! Since I had my belly bump going strong, Aubrey had to help me out with putting my golf balls on the tee because I couldn’t bend over every single time, lol. But we had a ton of fun taking turns and trying our hand at it!


After dinner, us girls headed out early. Months ago (before I knew my brother would be graduating this weekend and my family would be in town), I was trying to make plans for each weekend that Ruben was out of town, so my mom treated me and Aubrey to tickets to see Aladdin on Broadway in Salt Lake City. When we realized our parents would be in town, my mom decided she would join us and we would make a girls night out of it! So the three of us left Top Golf and headed over to the Eccles Theatre to watch the show. It was so good! I always forget that the broadway renditions of animated films have slightly different storylines though, so there were definitely some surprises and change in there. But overall, it was awesome! The best part of the entire play was the Genie that they had. He was WORKING IT! lol. Since my mom got her tickets months after Aubrey and I did, she got a seat separate from us. But her seat had some extra spots next to it, so at intermission, Aubrey and I snuck down to sit with her and finish off the show.

when your camera light is auto adjusting and this is what you get as the result

when your camera light is auto adjusting and this is what you get as the result


All in all, it was such a great weekend having family in town. We had so much fun hanging out as a family and celebrating Michael and his accomplishment! I’m so proud of him and happy for him. Congrats!