Marisah's Visit

Marisah and I have been friends since we were like 14. We knew each other through the awkward and “finding ourselves” years and we have stayed friends ever since! She is one of my dearest friends and she was such a savings grace this week. On Monday, Ruben left to tour Brazil with Living Legends for three weeks. I knew I was going to be so wah once he left and was definitely not looking forward to it…. But seriously, Marisah was such a saving grace during these first few days of him being on tour.

After I dropped Ruben off to abandon me (just kidding honey, you know it’s all good, lol), Marisah and I headed up to Park City. We both honestly had no idea what to do up there and it was FREEZING! The weirdest cold front set in after such a hot weekend. It was like high 40’s at most and we were dying! But we still had such a good time. We started by spending like 20 minutes trying to find a bathroom because this pregnant mama had to pee SO BAD. We walked one direction and found a little coffee shop that had a bathroom, but it was “closed for cleaning”. I tried to wait it out a few minutes to open back up, but I was about to burst! So we aborted and googled one. There was one a “short” three block walk away. But that walking was all up hill… We made it (just barely in time, lol)! The good thing about this particular bathroom is that it was super close to the Banksy mural, so I was able to show Riss the mural.


We then just walked around and went into cute stores that we saw or that we passed on the mission of getting me to the bathroom before I peed my pants, lol. There are soooo many cute shops in Park City! Holy crap. There were home decor stores, clothing stores, and other stores that we just died at! They were seriously so cute. But helllaaaa $$$. I seriously couldn’t afford to spend money on anything for fun (so hard to justify spending $25 on a cute hair bandana when you have a baby you have to buy stuff for on the way and bills to pay, lol).


We had such an adventure with so many things being closed. We couldn’t handle it…. We started getting hungry after a while and decided to start looking for places to eat. We found this one place and looked at the menu, but we thought we should look elsewhere — see what other options there were. We found like 3 other places and walked up and down Main Street to them only to realize THEY WERE ALL CLOSED! Yelp did us dirty telling us they were open when they weren’t… It was so disappointing! We got reallll over hiking up and down Main Street only to be disappointed that each restaurant that sounded really good was closed, so we just went back to that first Pizza and Pasta place. Luckily, it really wasn’t bad. We did ourselves dirty though by getting fries AND pizza! It was so so good in the moment, but we definitely got wrecked later! lol.


We had a similar situation happen when we decided to head home for the day. Seriously guys. IT WAS FREEZING! And we both just felt like we wanted to have a hot cup of something (coffee for Riss, hot cocoa for me) to drink in the car and warm up our souls again. We went to two different coffee shops on Main Street (both closedddddd) and then headed to a coffee shop off Main Street. There was always Starbucks, but we decided to keep it local today and try our hardest to find a local coffee shop before we resorted to Starbucks. We finally landed on a chocolate cafe and it was perfect. They had delicious chocolates to try and it was so nice to finally get that warm cup of hot chocolate and feel warm again for the first time in hours, lol.


We headed back down to Provo and it was so nice to be home for a minute. We decided to go grab dinner a few hours later at Cubby’s! I wanted to show Riss all the local best eats, but a girl can only eat so much, lol. But we headed over and got us some salad’s to go (we seriously needed something light after the heaviness of our lunch). As we were leaving, we noticed the sunset and how friggin’ gorgeous it was! So we went sunset chasing and finally found a decent spot to look at it. It was gorgeous and also hilarious to her Riss freaking out about how pretty of a sunset it ended up being. We didn’t do much else that night. I talked to Ruben about his day of travelling, we watched some super weird movie on Netflix, and then we called it a night!

I had to go back to work on Tuesday. I had taken since the previous Wednesday off of work for graduation, family, and to hang out with all of our visitors; so it was definitely time to head back. Riss was the best and just kept herself busy all day long. It ended up being such a stormy and rainy day! It was crazy. We were originally planning on going to Salt Lake that night, but we decided to stay in and avoid the crazy weather instead. When I got home from work, we just had the chillest night ever. We made brinner, I called Ruben to hear about his first day back in Brazil, and then we just talked and edited pictures/vlogs and called it a night. The storm made us so lazy, but we were so fine to just have a chill night at home.

Our last day together! I had to go back to work again during the day, but we decided to meet up in Salt Lake after work. Riss loves to thrift and I’ve been wanting to thrift more lately. The idea of getting tons of clothes for little monies is the best to me lately! So we met up at Goodwill and went to work shopping. I set a goal to see how much I could get for $30. I didn’t even spend the full $30 tho! I ended up walking away with 8 new shirts (for both me now as a pregnant mama as well as post-partum) for $17! Such a win!!!

After we thrifted to our hearts content, we decided to go and grab some dinner before we headed up to the Capitol Building to get some pictures. We were feeling some good ol’ pasta and decided to go Cafe Trio. It was a great decision! We split a meatball appetizer and then got our pasta meals. We were shook that we both ended up finishing our plates! I thought for sure that with an appetizer, I wouldn’t be able to finish by meal, but this baby must be growing double time because I finished it all without being miserable AT ALL.

After dinner, it was sunset and the perfect time to head up to the Capitol Building for some pictures. We were so excited because we had seen some pictures of the cherry blossoms up there and it looked STUNNING! And then we got up there and the dang storm from the day before had blown literally everything away. It was so sad! We drove around the whole building hoping that by some miracle, ONE tree lasted and was full of blossoms, but to no avail… It was so sad! But we decided to just make the best of it anyways. We parked the car, and walked around and took pictures in the trees (even without the pretty blossoms). There was a guy there who was makes crazy bubbles and he was so nice! We took some pictures of him, with his bubbles, and he even let us make a few ourselves. The most hilarious thing was that for some reason I COULD NOT call them bubbles all night. I kept calling them balloons!!! Seriously the entire night. It was hilarious! That’s pregnancy brain for ya!!


We then headed back down to Provo and went to Waffle Love for some dessert. Even though they have Waffle Love in Arizona, Riss had never been or even heard of it! So I, of course, had to introduce her to it! It was so delicious and she loved it!

It was such a short trip — I seriously cannot believe that Riss is already headed back to Arizona today… But it was so much fun! I am so thankful for her for taking some Maternity pictures for us (I’ll make sure to share those when we get them) and for her just spending time with me during these first few days Ruben has been gone on tour. I was telling him that it would be a lot harder and I would be a much bigger mess if it weren’t for Riss visiting. She has no idea how much she helped me keep my spirits up and my head on straight these past few days. And we honestly had so much fun! I cannot wait for her to visit again once Bubba boy joins us!