Halloween 2018

I don’t know what has sparked it, but I have become obsessed with Halloween! Seriously. I am all about Halloween at Disneyland, Halloween decorations at home, Halloween movies, Halloween parties, Halloween costumes! I absolutely LOVE IT!

So last year, we went alll out! We did three halloween costumes and everything! But this year, we honestly were just so busy and too tired and go all out for our costumes. But next year WE WILL DO IT!

However, we did go to a lot of Halloween parties this year and seriously celebrated the crap out of Halloween! We had 4 parties in 5 days and it was madness! Our first Halloween party was the Living Legends Halloween Party! It was really different, just because this is the first time in six years where I haven’t known every single person in Legend’s and that’s honestly the weirdest feeling, but we still had fun with our friends anyways! Ruben even voluntarily danced a little bit. And it was the best because we came in our costumes and my friend Valeria came in her costume, Frida Kahlo, and just added that much more to our costume!


Our next Halloween Party was the Shurtleff’s party. I honestly only got one picture from the Frankenstein game, but it was such a fun party and they went all out! They had the coolest prizes and the most unique games and I was living for how into it everyone got with their costumes! Long live this party, because it’s the best one we’ve been to in years!

Our little Frankenstein that we made!

Our little Frankenstein that we made!

Our next party was the ward Halloween Party and I love this party! We seriously have the best ward ever where everyone gets super into dressing up, the Chili contest and everything! We, of course, entered the Chili contest for the second year in a row, but I didn’t even place this year! So sad! I was last year’s winner, but oh whale! Next year, lol. The best part tho was that we just put our chili in the contest and then we walked away and when we came back to get food (after the judging), there were sticky notes that said “VERY HOT!” all over the crockpot! I was dying! We competed in the costume competition, but honestly our ward went seriously ALL OUT and we knew we wouldn’t win! And then there was the pumpkin decorating competition… WHICH WE WON! Ruben killed it with this pumpkin painting skills! I was sad that we didn’t have time to carve pumpkins this year, but I was so happy that we at least made time to do some kind of pumpkin decorating thing! Then we gave candy out to all the kids in the ward (and I swear the ward kid population tripled because we ran out of candy realllll quick!

Halloween was spent in the normal way. I went to work and I was actually the least dressed up (which I didn’t think I would be!!!) I ended up leaving work early that day because I was feeling extremely nauseous and I was getting reallyyyyy frustrated with the calls and the comments I was getting (more frustrated than I normally would because Hello Pregnancy Hormones! lol). So I went home and laid down and let my headache and my nausea subside. Then I went to pick Ruben up and we got ready and took some pictures and then went to meet all of our friends at Tucano’s! While it was seriously the best to see everyone (especially friends we haven’t seen in yearssss), there were 18 of us and it was literally impossible to keep conversations and near impossible to get up from the table. It was not my favorite Tucano’s visit, but at least I got some good good pineapple and garlic sirloin! lol. Then we went over to Jaime and Ivette’s for their Halloween Party! We had so much fun playing games and competing. They really do so good at their halloween party every year! I’m just sad we might not be here for next years… Wahhhh!

I love Halloween! And even though we didn’t go to a haunted house or carve pumpkins and we did the most basic and easy halloween costume, it was still such a great one! I literally can’t wait for next year to have our little bubba’s with us and to go so hard on all our Halloween costumes!